Electronics and hardware
We tryed to put together information and resources on non documented pieces of electronic.

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Robot Projects:
A robot project source for the robotics enthusiast where you can learn how to dissect old stuff and to find and recycle useful parts.
Software / Hardware Dev’rs:
This site is dedicated to software and hardware development news in many different areas.
Cybermaxx LCD project:
This web site is devoted to filling in the gaps in the documentation provided with the LCDs. Driver hardware designs, schematic diagrams, data sheets, parts lists, parts sources, and an account of the reverse engineering process.
Anatomy of the QX3 Microscope:
The Intel QX3 Computer Microscope contains no eyepieces, and images must be viewed through the accompanying software on the host computer that controls the microscope. Construction materials used in the assembly of the microscope are typical of those found in many modern toys.