Fun and Weird

Fun and weird
This section contain info on reversing or dismantling any kind of stuff that does not fit in any other sections.

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How Stuff Works:
Explanations about form and function in science and technology.
Furby autopsy:
“After having Toh-Loo-Ka for about three days, and then leaving him “sleeping” for another day or two, his batteries ran out. After replacing the batteries, he no longer acted like the happy furby we’d be accustomed to being mildly annoyed by. Toh-Loo-Ka was definitely a terminally ill Furby. So we did what any bereaved furby owner would do… we cut him up and took pictures.”
The Chibi Project:
Scientific analysis of the destruction of a toy Chibi Moon figure.
The Inscrutable 8-Ball Revealed:
The reader will find a procedure for disassembling a Magic 8-Ball®. The authors caution readers not to follow or emulate these directions, as harm may ensue.
How See ‘n Says Work:
Have you ever wondered how one of these toys works? How can it make sound without a battery, and how can it have 26 different phrases stored inside? In this edition of HowStuffWorks, they will solve the mystery of the See ‘n Say!
Boogie Bass Hack:
How to make a talking fish say what you want.