PS2 Modchip

Why should you Solder if you don’t have to?
PS2 Modchip
($24.00 US Dollars)
PS2 chip
($37.75 US Dollars)
PS2 Modchip V4 or V5-V6-V7
V4,V5-V6-V7 PS2 MODCHIP:  $24.00 US Dollars
Shipping: $5.50 (2-4 business days)

  • Just plug it in, absolutely nothing to solder.
  • PS2 Mods for V5-V6-V7 or V4 PS2’s.
  • Does every thing other mod chips can do and more!
  • Compatible with Swap Magic, GameShark2, Action Replay 2.
PS2 Modchip V4 or V5-V6-V7 READY KIT
V4,V5-V6-V7 PS2 CHIP KIT :   $34.75 US Dollars
(Include Swap Magic 1.1 DVD + Swap Magic 2.0 CD)
  • More user friendly and powerful than Action Replay or GameShark 2.
  • Unlike the GameShark, the Swap Magic CD/DVD will boot 80min CDs
No solder PS2 modchip.
This PS2 modchip is bound to become a hot item. This PS2 chip is the world’s first no solder mod chip for the PlayStation 2 console. Those no solder PS2 mods has features and benefits never seen before on any PS2 modchips.
Just plug it in, absolutely nothing to solder.
PS2 modsA PS2 modchip that require no technical experience at all! Amazing plug-in technology for super easy installation. No soldering iron required. An advanced technology allows this PS2 chip to simply be installed into the PS2 machine. Plug 2 ribbon cables into the PS2 chip and voila! your installation is complete.
PS2 Mods for V5-V6-V7 or V4.
First check the back of your console for your model number, and if it is SCPH-30000 then you have a V4 if you have anything else then the you have a V5-V6-V7. Now just go to get one of those PS2 modchips and that’s it.
(Take a look at the install manual if you want more info).
Does every thing other mod chips can do and more!
PS2 modchipThose PS2 modchips needs to work in coordination with a boot disk when you want to use your custom software. Some compatible boot disks are: Swap Magic, GameShark2 and Action Replay. You can buy the kit that includes everything that you need (PS2 modchip and Swap Magic) for $34.75 or if you already have a boot disk you can just buy this PS2 modchip at the low price of $24.00.


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